Community of Practice

InSite is deeply committed to working alongside, behind, and with those residents most impacted by disparity.  For each of our projects, we convene a "Community of Practice" comprised of people whose voices are often unheard or ignored.  We center dissent and critique as a generative influence to learn new ways of seeing and building new practices.  

The struggle to increase diversity, equity, and social justice is most often led by communities and leaders of color.  InSite works closely with community organizers to support, build with and learn from their experience and knowledge.  InSite is particularly invested in capacity-building and leadership development among women and women of color.  Unique to our work is the value of partnerships between institutions and organizers to co-create new paradigms for policy-making and engagement. 

Given that our communities of practice extend their time and intellectual labor, all of our groups are paid for their time.  

We currently work with communities on the following issues: 


Black Women

Public Health

POC arts leadership


White Allies