Creative InSurgency: Race, Place & Arts leadership (Saturday, May 18)

Creative InSurgency: Race, Place & Arts leadership (Saturday, May 18)


Creative InSurgency: Race, Place & Arts leadership

  • Politics of Place: Practices for understanding histories of place

  • Right to Remain: Arts in solidarity with communities

  • No more “Giving Voice”: Arts as part of systems change

For the past two years, InSite has developed a way of thinking about arts, creativity and place in ways that support those most impacted by disparity. We call this work: Creative Insurgency. We build on the work of creative practitioners who have used the arts to rise up in strength and solidarity. Latin insurgentem: rise up, lift oneself; rise against; stand high, gather force. Creative Insurgencies cultivate the radical roots of creative/artistic practices in ways that uphold community organizing strategies and seek to prevent displacement (imprisonment, loss of home, state sanctioned premature death, deportations) of marginalized communities. Creative Insurgencies seek to delink the arts from private development, and fuse cultural/artistic practices with community and political organizing to demand power-sharing, policy change, and address social disparity.