At InSite, we believe the arts play a central role in imagining a more justice future by amplifying voices most impacted by disparity. Our creative work focuses on institutional arts leadership to engage with racially diverse publics with consideration for histories of place and politics.

Institutional Arts Leadership Workshop

As creative placemaking initiatives emerge across the country, we believe that arts engagement can help lead the conversation around equity, inclusion and place. The Racial Equity in the Arts (REA) program helps institutional leaders eager to think differently about racial equity in arts programming and arts engagement. The REA series engages local and national community organizers to help lead and train institutional leaders to better understand the disparities and challenges facing marginalized communities. Inspired by bell hooks’ seminal work on “margins to the center,” InSite specifically chooses to work with women of color/people of color led organizations.


Artists of Color Organizing for Racial Equity

Our work focuses on building with artists of color to amplify the critical and insightful leadership of people of color in the arts. We believe that a healthy arts ecosystem must comprehensively address issues of race in all areas of leadership and and programming and artists of color should lead these efforts. The Artists of Color Organizing for Racial Equity work in key to bringing artists of color together to organize around healing, institutional change, and building an equitable arts ecosystem. Each month, we work with students and community organizations to host meetings and develop actions plans for improving the arts ecosystem across the city.