Addressing Whiteness: Key to Advancing Racial Equity

(Half Day / Full Day workshop available)

This workshop is for white allies and white institutional leaders to move their practice toward racial justice and solidarity with communities of color. Key to the curriculum is addressing: White Fragility, How Whiteness Operates, and Margins to Center Power.

Equitable Engagement with Communities

(Half day - 2 day workshop available)

This workshop is for institutional partners who wish to work with historically marginalized communities for organizational and infrastructural purposes. Key to the curriculum: Margins to Center Power, Sharing Leadership, and Understanding Institutional Fragility and Agility.

Race, Place & Equity

(3 - 6 hours)

This workshop is for leadership and organizations interested in understanding the critical role of equity in place-based cultural and community work. Key to the curriculum: Reflective Practice on Place/Power, Place as Produced, and History as Future.





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