Addressing Whiteness:  The Key to Advancing Racial Equity in the Arts

Saturday, February 9

1 - 5 pm   

Creative InSurgencies: race, Place & Arts leadership

Saturday, March 2

1 - 5 pm

As political and social tensions rise across the country, institutional leaders have turned toward the vital work of racial equity to support fair policy and engagement practices.  To support racially equitable outcomes in a sector dominated by white non-profit leadership, we must have an honest conversation about shifting our values, practices, and policies.  Paying Attention to Whiteness examines power and “whiteness,” and how hierarchies of whiteness operate, intentionally and unintentionally, in organizational and personal spaces which prohibit racial equity. In this workshop, participants are invited to directly address and dismantle the ways that whiteness operates to block the processes and outcomes of racial equity.  We explore tools to move beyond diversity and inclusion to think of equity as a form of radical power-sharing. We understand the difficulty and sensitivity of this topic, and encourage challenging conversations as a pillar of leadership.  


Addressing Whiteness:

Margins to Center Power Analysis

Equity as Power-Sharing

Operations of Whiteness

White Fragility Tool

Creative InSurgencies:

Arts & Equitable Engagement

Politics of Place

Right to Remain