Addressing Whiteness:  The Key to Advancing Racial Equity

Saturday, August 3

1 - 5 pm   

Location: Phoenix Center for the Arts (Room 202)

As political and social tensions rise across the country, institutional leaders have turned toward the vital work of racial equity to support fair policy and engagement practices.  In this workshop, we invite participants to dismantle the ways that whiteness operates to block the processes and outcomes of racial equity. Addressing Whiteness examines “whiteness,” and the ways hierarchies of whiteness operate, intentionally and unintentionally, in institutional, organizational and personal spaces which prohibit racial equity. We provide tools to move beyond diversity and inclusion to think of equity as a form of radical power-sharing. We understand the difficulty and sensitivity of this topic, and encourage challenging conversations as a pillar of leadership.

  • De-centering Whiteness: Understanding how whiteness operates

  • Equity as Power-Sharing: Building with the wisdom at the margins

  • White Fragility Tool: A tool for white accomplices

This workshop geared for white folks dedicated to racial justice, institutional staff and executives, church leaders, and community advocates interested in dismantling their white fragility. Please note, this is an advanced-level workshop, if you are new to racial justice work, please review:

Four Levels of Racism (4:30 min video)

Robin DiAngelo: White Fragility (8 min video)

Stand Up for Racial Justice: Thinking Critically About Racism

AJ+: White Supremacy Culture (1:30 min video)



Creative InSurgency: race, Place & Arts Engagement

Saturday, August 17

1 - 4 pm

Location: Phoenix Center for the Arts

For the past two years, InSite has developed a way of thinking about arts, creativity and place in ways that support those most impacted by disparity. We call this work: Creative Insurgency. We build on the work of creative practitioners who have used the arts to rise up in strength and solidarity. Latin insurgentem: rise up, lift oneself; rise against; stand high, gather force. Creative Insurgencies cultivate the radical roots of creative/artistic practices in ways that uphold community organizing strategies and seek to prevent displacement (imprisonment, loss of home, state sanctioned premature death, deportations) of marginalized communities. Creative Insurgencies delink the arts from private development and gentrification practices, and fuse cultural/artistic practices with feminist praxis to demand power-sharing, policy change, and to positively impact the material lives of those most impacted by disparity.

  • Politics of Place: Practices for understanding histories of place

  • Right to Remain: Arts in solidarity with communities

  • No more “Giving Voice”: Arts as part of systems change

This workshop is ideal for arts leadership, institutional staff and executives interested in systems change, artists of color.