Paying Attention to Whiteness:  The Key to Advancing Racial Equity

Saturday, August 18

10 - 1 pm


This workshop is now full.  

As political and social tensions rise across the country, institutional leaders have turned toward the vital work of racial equity to support fair policy and engagement practices.  While bold leadership is necessary, one stumbling block to achieving racial equity is a lack of understanding by leadership of the ways whiteness has enabled and shaped the structures we now work within.  While diversity campaigns are necessary, we must also address how whiteness continues to operate and reproduce itself even within the racial equity movement.  This workshop offers white allies and accomplices an opportunity to examine issues of power and leadership in transformative new ways.  We believe that arts and culture play an integral role in helping envision more progressive futures.  


*To protect people of color from the extra emotional and intellectual labor of carrying the burden in conversations on race, this workshop is for people who self-identify as white.   



Training Components:

Power Analysis:  Margins to Center 

Unlearning White Fragility

Racial Capitalism & the White S/Hero

Locating Equity:  The Role of Place

Participants will:

Participants will learn about the importance of a structural power analysis to create systems change; how white fragility and white savior leadership styles silence and prohibit authentic collaborations; and the critical importance to understand the histories of trauma in specific places and among vulnerable communities.